Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Week 2

This weeks post should probably be called 'stuff that gets in the way' or 'reasons why I might generally give up'. Hold on a sec, don't panic, or shake your head with a little wry smile of knowingness. I have completed week 2. I wouldn't say completed against the odds, more like completed despite the odds.

There's been some bad weather, some bad form and some hangover issues. There have been a few tense moments on the Fernhill Road and a few down right nasty moments on the bypass but, I am very happy to report, Abbie managed not to quit, and I managed not to sack her. (and believe me I'd definitely be the loser in both situations)

Despite aforementioned hangover, Day 3 was definitely the least taxing. I noticed that the burn in the legs starts much later into our session than the original 40 seconds and the heartburn (seriously) didn't start till I was nearly home.

I'm glad I've had a crappy week. It has shown me that 'Opt - in - Sara' isn't going to be swayed lightly.