Thursday, 1 March 2012

I honestly don't know what has prompted me to change. I only know that something has already changed in me. Weight, and the gaining and losing of same, is a preoccupation I have had most of my adult life. I only ever wanted to be thin. For some as yet unidentified reason, I now want to be fit. 

For years, the upside of that physical state to me, would mean wearing size 10 clothes and looking hot. Even having been in that condition for quite a few years, I never wanted to exercise beyond the occasional ramble in the Comeragh Mountains with post - exertion respite in the form of a 5 star guest house with an equally stellar restaurant. 

I have made 'opting out' an art form. With 'not really my thing/working on my tan/reading my book/minding the baby' style excuses on holidays ensuring that I have missed out on quite a few experiences out of sheer bone idleness. The 'too tired/too busy/just not my thing' mantra's at home have enabled me to pile on the pounds and feel pretty crap.

It ends here. Or should I say, BEGINS. Build the ability to run 5k in 8 weeks is the challenge. 

And for the first time ever........I'm opting in


  1. Good for you, a fabulous Journey to embark on that will only bring reward!! Xx

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  2. Love it, believe it and fully understand it. A fit body is definitely the sign of a sound mind and positive outlook. What a great new focus. Count me in, I'm opting in!
    Unless of course you start going down the protein shake drinks route and expect me to spend my evenings oiling up my muscular thighs before heading down Swarvac's garage to pump some iron with the guys, then I'm opting out. signed: denise, yo-yo dieter and sufffer of chronic negativity

  3. No need for Swarvec, my personal trainer is a very fit, very bossy and very Irish 18 yr old. And funny, she spent some time aupairing in the 'gulf' and picked up quite a few of her Ex bosses personality traits. Makes me laugh and worry in equal measure.

  4. Hey, I'm opting in ...week 1, day 1 of c25k yesterday and am exited to have found your blog :)